Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Now that's What we Calll Maaass.... :P

This pic was taken by my Juniors wen i toured with them to Sahasradhaara Dehradun... It was a wonderful trip wid 2 of my Juniours... We enjoyd Pizzas at Pizza Hut... Swimming at sahasrdhara... Gymnastics at Circus... n Ofcourse Giant Wheel Ride at Exhibition... We had WonderFull Time Together... Miss YOu All Guys....

Monday, 14 June 2010

Why Im Here????

The Question dat needs a Perfect Answer, no matter hw imperfect it is!!
I am One Lively Character on dis Planet who cares for no1, who loves no1, whoz nt emotional most of d time, who doesnt expose hmslf 2 ny1!! People say these things abt me....hwevr I Love n Respect those who study hard, those who r close to my hart n those who love my attitude... I nevr felt in need of a diary or a blog to express myself 2any1 as im always Over Expressive 2my loved Ones n dey love it... But dis blog is jus to console my soul.. console my innerself.... n console myself.. The Expressions, The words, The Comments etc etc., which im gonna write here are Solely My Personal Views n I dont Intend to Hurt any1.. Hope u got Some Idea abt Mr. Sathish Now.... :) nywayz...

Welcome to my Blog... Sathishsofaar...has done Nothing in will b doin somethin in the Future... :) Welcome All To Sathish's Blog

Hai.... dis is Sathish at Dehradun... Robber's Caves