Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Dream... its Really my Dream !!!!!

u kno wat... Im not gonna write abt my Ambitions,Goals blah blah sort of Dreams....
Im really gonna Write about the Dream i had 2day in sleep... :D :D :D

I usually forget evrything dat happened in dreams... wen i wake up... But to my goodness.. 2day i remembr my dream !!! so thought of sharing it on my blog... :D... Disclaimers plz Forgive.. :P

2day in my wat so called ODD Hours of sleep frm evening 6 to 9.. i had a wonderful dream wher i travelled back to my schooldays...that is 10long years back n played Cricket with my schoolmates. I wonder how i recollected all their names so perfectly in my dream... ohv.... shaayad... my sub-concious memory power is still working fine for me... :D

Gone were the days... wen we used to play Cricket in 45mins lunch break Completing our lunch in jus 15mins!

Gone were the days... wen we used to Fight for 50ps Samosa's at the School's Main Gate in 10mins break!!

Gone were the days... Wen we used to play Pichi Banthi with Badam Seeds... n the Worse Shirts with more Red marks were the Losers... :(

Coming back to my dream... 2day i played a Test Match... Goodness me! I dint bowl 2day though i was on Bowling Side.. :D We still played on the same pitch...on which v used to... Muddy Terrain...with Rail Tracks on 1side.. n Compound wall on our Backside!!! We used the Same set of wickets which is Rather BUILT with Bricks n Glass Pieces... The Funniest part is we were Trying to secure the Glass Pieces for a Cup of Free Tea at the End of the Match.. :D

We were worn out as the Batsmen were playing the match jus like the Test Match... Blocking.. Blocking... Blocking... eeee..... I was the Leg Slip jus beside Wicky Keeper... vuhahhaa... Funny right... :P

I was Really Trying hard callin my Teammates(my Schoolmates) by name and Encoraging them to get wickets... Suddenly the Smell of Wonderful Hyderabadi Biryani Struck my Breath.... the Smell was Mesmerizing n I was loosing myself in the Auroma of Biryani......ummmm........ Yummmy.......... n u kno Wat... Its not Dream... It's My Brother who was really eating Biryani sitting at the side of me wen i was having my wonderful Dream... Mummmmyyyyyyyy............. :( :( :( :(.......... ohv Crapppppp.................. :( :( :(

It's Really Unbelievable hw our Sub-Conscious Mind Works... I Always want to kno... wat happens wen v Sleep?
How do the Dreams come? Hw come we 4get evrything jus b4 we open our Eyes? Will the Brain ever take Rest?? blah blah blah.....

Any Doctor's here... plz Help Me find answers to atleast FEW... :(

Monday, 9 August 2010

Whom do I wanna b in d Next Birth?????

oh yeah.... Its about the 1s who Inspired me all throughout My Life.... I met many Frnds...many Relatives...many Wellwishers... bt Few r right up ther in d list of my Most Cherished n Admired Personalities...

Probably I become like them Some day.... though it's Impossible.. :(

1. Yeah...It's my Dad !!!

Probably evry1's inspiration starts from within his/her Family.. My dad's Love is d Most Cherished 1 for Me... He used to say to me only 1 thing..."Sathish, Do Somthing which i cudn't do in my Past". It is his words of love n care dat make me think.."kaaash, main bhi ek din dad ki tarah kisise pyaar kar sakun..." I always take Decisions which succeed most of the times! But Very few actually knows d fact dat it is my dad's Decision Makin Power which i imbibed fortunately! I still Remembr the Days wen he used to take me to school on his bicycle Evryday.. U r Great Dad... Hope 1day, I become atleast 50% of wat u r.... I Love You Dad.....

2. My Senior...

Hez d one person whom i always want 2 be like... The Coolest Person i hav ever met... Wen i feel something is goin wrong in my career, the Very First Person that comes to mind is HE. I remembr the days wen i cudn't get placed in the initial phases of placemnt procedure at IIT n was in great Depression and pain. I was sort of LOST CONTACT WITH THE WORLD MOOD. Then, the Only person probably who stood beside me n told me wat it takes to be successful is my Senior Sir. I Love the Way he handles his life.. so cool,composed,thought provokin n down to earth. Wen i Get Tensed, the simple solution i find is to call him up. HE talks in such a way dat...after puttin down the call i feel like Whole New Sathish with Hope n Happiness.. I met him for the first time jus b4 he was abt to leave IIT n i cudhav jus missed meeting a great Personality as his.... But Destiny says it's Different... Its Dream Meeeting u Sir, Love You.... :)... kaaash... I cud b like you... :(

3. My Dear Friend Raaah....

Oh yeah... U r the Definition of True Love... U r the Sweetest Person i hav ever seen... U r Tender like a Flower.... Smoother like Snow... n Caring like a...."1 n only Raaah". I hav been with this frnd for 2long years... n evrytime i speak to him.. i feel.. Can ther b any1 whoz like dis person on this earth?? Hez d Most Caring Person i hv seen.. Hez always Ready to Give away his life...even for the smallest favour u ask him for.... :) He knows dat..1day bcoz of his lovely nature he may loose evrything... But at the end of the day... all he wants is to make sure his Loved ones r safe n happy... Great Character... n Great Inspiration for me... Hope someday... I vl b like u...n may my Love be as pure as Yours... Love You Raaah.... :)

4. My "Special"-ist Friend

Love Your Career.... thats wat i learnt from her !!! Care for your Cared One's... thats wat i like abt her !!! n Every1 has their Space in this World.... thats wat i understand from her !!! My Latest, Closest, Farthest, Loveliest Frnd...Miss You.
The Interst u hav shown in your Job
has been Exceptional... I cud still feel the keeen concentration in your Eyes dat make me Awake..Hope i too someday..love the computers as much as she loves her Profession !!! It Pains wen i realise dat.. we cant meet, we cant talk, we cant see each other... Probably not even 1ce in the Rest of Our Lives!!! However, Your Care, Concentration, Belief, Aspirations, Aims n all the things in YOU which inspire me will always live in my Eyes as the Memories of Lifetime for Sure... Miss You My Dear Friend !!! Phir Milenge.. chalthe chalthe... :D

Hey ya... Ther r Whole lot of people who Inspired me in so many aspects of my Lifes.... I may not list out all here... bt still Im made of WE... Love You Guys... Hope we all meet again.... Thanx for coming into my Life n Making it Beautiful !!!