Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Marks Marks Marks..... Civil Services 2014...

Very happy with my Prelims score as well as Exceptional Interview score.... Could have done lot lot better in Mains, but as alwayz UPSC is the King-maker or Breaker...In any case, love my interview marks...They restore my faith in UPSC,that it is not totally Unpredicatable as such...Atleast in interview.....thanx sir...   :)

Friday, 3 July 2015

What does "Happiness" Mean to me......

Probably the best time to write about happiness is when you are sad. I have been thinking about writing my thoughts over Happiness from the time i came across this Surprize question of "What does happiness means to you" in Civil Services Ethics paper of 2014. After Going Up n Down swings of happiness n sadness in the past few years, i feel myself better placed to pour out my thoughts on this.

Many philosophers have written many ideas about how to be happy in one's life. I am no philosopher, hence gonna put it in very naive layman's language. 

Happiness can be defined as Material, Physical, Mental, Healthy, Pshycological well being of a human being. But even if we have all these things, still we can be unhappy. To me Happiness is personal. Happiness is an Individual's right. Everyone of us has the right to be Happy. Every human being born is destined to die one day n between this Birth n Death, there lies a phase where we keep going through plethora of emotions ranging from pride to pain to sad to happy. All these emotions define a human lifecycle. But Everyone wants to be happy in their lives. So how do we quantify this happiness? When can we be happy? When can we be sad? What defines our happiness? Let me get into my thoughts on this.

Happiness according to me is of two broad catogories. 

Temporary Instant Spike Happiness which ups ur mood with a sudden thrust. A movie, a coffee with a friend, a surprize birthday party, a cool candle-light dinner etc etc all come under this category. This happiness is temporary in a sense that its impact is instantaneous and u will return to normal as soon as the euphoria around it is over. Yes, you do remember those memories, but on a large scale of life, these are quite dwarf.