Sunday, 5 March 2017

Life of An IFS Probationer... A Traveller Within

Its been long since i wrote something. Let me get back to something which i love doing...Expressing Myself  and this time its about my IFS Training @ IGNFA!

IFS training encompasses a very exhaustive and elaborate 16.5 month long of Travel and Touring. When u visit more than 20+ states , 50+ Cities, Innumerable Places of Heritage, Forests, Forts, National Parks,Temples,Monasteries,Architectural Sites, Natural Wonders etc etc., all in a span of just One-Year Odd, it demands a book or two to be written to narrate the Stories of Touring, Travel and Fun. However, for the lack of space n time, i am writing this very brief blog post to Cover the Majority of Places and Appreciate the Uniqueness that this Diverse Nation has in Store at every place we set our foot on. This is more of a Tour Guide for Must Visit Places in India for a traveller within You.

Unlike the trainings of some other Civil Services which happen in Sandwich pattern, IFS training happens for a 16.5 month period at a stretch, after the 3.5 month Foundation Course in LBSNAA. However, it is unfortunate that there is very less information available online regarding the Tours and Trainings we receive as IFS Probationers at the National Forest Academy. Training at Academy is a fascinating Journey, and when i say Journey, I literally Mean it too.. :D...This post would give you insights into almost all the Tours i did till now as a Probationer.