Tuesday, 8 December 2015

At the Finishing Line of the Foundation Course(FC)....

Its been long since i blogged..Life has moved miles ahead or may be i am still struck in the waves of loneliness when the world around me moved ahead.. 15 weeks of foundation course has entered into its penultimate week and finally i got some time to do something which doesn't carry weightage in the Director's Assessment here @ academy i.e., blogging.. :D

FC is exciting, enthralling, busy busy, hectic n very interesting indeed ! If i have to blog, each day of FC would become 4 5 blog entries..So, let me just briefly Look back at my past 3months here and encapsulate it in this small post. I remember the first day when i first entered into this academy, the Great Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy for Administration, Mussorie. It was a feeling of satisfaction, pride, happiness and above all a sense of Responsibility when i was walking into the gate. Years of Hardwork earned an entry ticket into this prestigious Institute. I was totally blank about what was gonna come in the coming 3months. Now, at almost the "Curtains down" stage of FC, there is sense of satisfaction within me.