Monday, 12 August 2013

Wits of Girls.... an Experience of mine Yesterday (11-Aug 2013)

A sign board in Brand Factory Reads
Buy 1 Get 20% off
Buy 2 Get 30% off

Girl 1 : Idea, Lets bill 2 items separately, then we will get 20%+20% = 40% off..   
Me : hehehhee.. OMG... n i told d same to other girl..
Girl 2 : Haan na.. Idea bahot accha hai... khareed the na separately... 
Me : hey bhagwaaaaan.....slept in utter disbelief... i woke up in d mrng n told the whole thing to Mom
Mom : Yeah, they were right, we could have got 40% off, we missed it.........
Me:    Updated Status on FB out of Helplessness..... Stilll...
 feeling loved